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Welcome to Jude AI

Simplifying Real Estate with AI

Get more done. Jude's AI tools can increase productivity for real estate agents, property managers, developers, and appraisers by over 60%. 🪄

Generate a photoof an eye-catching house in Denver for a social media post to get new leads
Summarizethe key takeaways from the Real Estate Genius Program by Tony Robbins
Summarizethe zoning laws & growth trends for 78730
Generate a listof potential questions clients might ask during property viewings and their answers
Draft an emailto a new lead congratulating them on a promotion at work
Write a thank-you noteto a new listing client
Give me ideasto drum up new real estate leads
Write an SEO-optimizedblog post to generate new leads
Create a social media postfor an open house that will draw leads
Suggest 30 creative ideas to find new potential listings
you are a top producing real estate agent, tell me your best tips
Improve my MLS description to generate more bids

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JudeChat: The Ultimate Real Estate AI

On hand 24/7, JudeChat crafts SEO-optimized blogs, impactful emails, standout listing presentations, and precise market reports. Elevate your real estate game with us.

Introducing JudeImages for Realtors

Generate the perfect social media image for any occasion. No need for stock photos of that perfect property or scene, just tell Jude!

"Hey Jude, I need a photo of a Sausalito hillside home with large windows, Redwood trees, fog rolling in."

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Not a fan of bots? You'll like our AI-Powered Writing Templates

Who has time to craft the perfect prompt for a bot? Use our AI real estate writing templates to save you time by having us do the hard work in the backend.

Jude AI offers AI writing templates for agents, property managers, real estate developers, and appraisers & assessors.

Cold Call Script Generator

Generate totally custom cold calling scripts that convert

Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter

Get a mortgage pre-approval letter for a client in seconds

Land Acquisition Proposal

Generate a professional Land Acquisition Proposal letter

Tenant Welcome Letter

Welcome your new tenants to their new home or office

Zoning Change Request Letter

Let Jude generate your zoning change letter, you have better things to do

Rental Lease Violation Notice

Generate a custom rental lease violation notice letter in seconds

Price Reduction Email

Let Jude help you suggest a price reduction to a client

Contract Addendum Generator

Effortlessly create legally binding contract addendums with Jude.

...and over 50 more templates to choose from.
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Lead Generation

Use AI to discover new leads and make intelligent predictions about promising opportunities in the real estate market.

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Content Generation

Craft compelling property descriptions, engaging social media posts, and persuasive emails without breaking a sweat.

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24/7 Real Estate AI Assistant

Have the power of smartest, most capable, Real Estate artifical intelligence bot in your pocket at all times. Meet, JudeChat.

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JudeMail Automation

Connect your email to JudeMail and let AI help draft responses to important messages, saving you precious time. Currently in private beta.

Jude AI vs ChatGPT

Jude AI vs ChatGPT: More Than Just Chat—Elevating Data Privacy, Document Management, and More

Jude AI

Document Management

Jude AI offers an easy way to save and locate generated documents, a feature currently not available with ChatGPT.

Data Privacy

At Jude AI, unlike ChatGPT, we use a third-party app to ensure that your data isn't used for training, better protecting your client's personal information.


Jude AI can learn and mimic your unique writing style, providing you with a more personalized user experience.

Advanced Image Generator

While both platforms offer image generation features, Jude's technology delivers superior quality, making it a much better choice for your creative needs.

Email Automation

Unlike ChatGPT, Jude AI has a feature in private beta that can connect to your inbox, identify neglected conversations, and auto-draft replies for you.


ChatGPT Plus is $20/month. At Jude, we know agents are on a budget, so we are committed to giving you cheaper prices.



Support & Coaching

At Jude AI we offer free weekly coaching sessions, twice a week. We also offer chat and phone support free of charge. ChatGPT? Not so much.



* Limited time only!

Hear it from Our Happy Customers

Real estate professionals across the country trust Jude AI for its seamless integration, innovative solutions, and efficient customer support. Discover their stories and join the Jude AI family today.

Working in real estate is often a balancing act of managing multiple tasks and clients simultaneously. Jude AI has proven to be an invaluable ally, helping me stay organized and focused. The platform is not just intuitive and easy-to-use; it's specifically tailored for the real estate industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Jude AI to any real estate professional looking to elevate their business.”

– Matthew M., Realtor© at Keller Williams, Hays Home Team


One Price, Pure Simplicity: Lock in Our Founders' Rate and What You Pay Now is What You'll Pay for Life. No Seat Fees, No Annual Tiers – Early Subscribers Reap the Rewards.

One price, for life.

You keep the same price, even if we increase prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.

What is Jude AI?

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Jude AI is an AI-assistant designed specifically for real estate professionals. Jude can do A LOT, including write 100% unique and compelling property descriptions, write totally customized cold scripts, be a writing helper, and so much more engineered to save you time, streamline your operations, and amplify your impact in the real estate market. She's hard to explain, you just have to give her a shot, for free.

What is the cold outreach generator?

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The cold outreach generator is a feature that uses AI to draft personalized, effective outreach emails or messages for potential clients or leads. It helps you to start conversations with prospective buyers or sellers, reducing the time you spend drafting messages and increasing your response rates.

How does Jude AI ensure the privacy and security of my data?

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We prioritize your privacy and security. We proudly host Jude AI with Amazon Web Services, the largest web host in the world. We also have robust security measures in place to protect your data, and we comply with all relevant data privacy laws and regulations. Your data is only used to enhance your experience with our platform and is never shared without your explicit consent.

How much does Jude AI cost?

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14 day free trial, and after that it's $12.99/mo for life.

Our founder is fed up with annual, prepaid license-based software schemes, high-pressure sales environments, confusing pricing and upsells, and the constant hassle of managing seats.

That's why we're disrupting the SaaS model with Jude AI. We're building a customer-friendly strategy that puts your needs first. And here's the deal - we're continually adding new features to one single plan for all members, making Jude AI your comprehensive AI-powered assistant.

We know cash flow is crucial. Pay at the end of each month instead of upfront for the year, making it easier on your budget.

All-In-One AI Assistant for one low monthly price: There's only one package, and it includes all current features and any new ones we add. As we add new capabilities, you’ll keep paying the same monthly price per member.

With Jude AI, we're simplifying your AI toolkit, boosting your productivity, and offering a pricing model that's as transparent and straightforward as possible.

We offer a 14-day free trial for you to explore the platform and see the value it can bring to your business.  

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

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Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We value flexibility and want our platform to truly add value to your business. If you decide Jude AI is not the right fit for you, you can cancel with no hassle.

I am a broker, can I buy subscriptions for my agents for a discount?

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Yes, we absolutely offer volume discount pricing for brokers interested in purchasing multiple licenses. At Jude AI, we believe in providing value and rewarding our clients who wish to bring the benefits of our platform to their entire team. For more specific details on our volume discount pricing, please get in touch with our sales team directly at They will be more than happy to provide a tailored pricing plan that best suits your brokerage's needs.

How does the property description generator work?

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Like magic. Seriously. The property description generator uses advanced AI algorithms to generate detailed, engaging, and compelling property descriptions based on the information you provide about the property. You just type or speak into your phone. Jude will quickly create descriptions that can make your listings stand out with the smallest amount of information. Making you look like the pro you are.

How can Jude AI’s writing helper assist me?

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The writing helper is designed to assist you in any writing-related task. Whether you're drafting a legal document, composing a marketing message, or creating a blog post, our writing helper can provide suggestions, corrections, and enhancements to ensure your writing is clear, accurate, and impactful.

What languages does Jude AI Support?

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Jude AI supports over 25 languages, helping you to connect and engage with diverse clients across the globe.

How is Jude different than ChatGPT?

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Jude has been fine-tuned to be first and foremost an expert on real estate, globally. ChatGPT is one of many Large Language Models (LLMs). There is also Google Bard, Facebook LLaMa, Claude, and even Bing. Jude chooses the best model for the job at hand. Think of us as your AI router with a background in real estate. You can't get this at ChatGPT.

How do I get started with Jude AI?

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Getting started with Jude AI is simple. Sign up on our website, choose your preferred subscription plan, and you're ready to revolutionize your real estate business! You can also start with our 14-day free trial to explore the platform.

What kind of support does Jude AI offer?

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We offer comprehensive support to all our users. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can reach out to our dedicated support team via email, chat, or phone. We're here to ensure your experience with Jude AI is smooth and rewarding.

About us

Founded by real estate enthusiast and entrepreneur Ryan Merket, Jude AI is an AI-driven platform with a single mission - to empower real estate professionals with powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective AI tools. Based in Austin, TX, we are at the forefront of blending AI technology with real estate industry knowledge.

We bring experience from:

Ryan Merket
Founder & CEO
Ryan Merket smiling
Micah Peoples
Founding Product/Engineer
Kris Wainscott
Founding Designer
Mehul Rathod
Charles Lawrence

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